10 Easy Steps to Selling a Home

Selling your house is a big deal. Most homeowners see their property as more than a financial asset. It often represents memories of important life events. We understand that. When it is time to sell, we use a 10-step framework to help maximize your home’s potential.


We will visit your home to provide an initial consultation to review its condition and make assessments relative to the real estate market. Consultations focus on the three factors that most heavily impact home sales:
1. Price
2. Condition
3. Access
We will discuss each of these areas with you and devise a plan for how to best market the home.



Price is the most critical factor in selling your home. And an important part of price is timing. The most effective marketing happens in the first three weeks after a house is listed. Properties that are overpriced during this period often miss their chance to obtain the highest possible price, and may sit on the market for months. At the same time, you don’t want to undervalue your home and leave money on the table. We have the experience to advise you on where to price your home to maximize its value and minimize its time on the market.



The second of the big three factors affecting the sale of your home is its condition. What are its key selling points? Does it have any major or minor defects that need to be addressed? Is it ready to show? Houses that are tidy and free of clutter sell faster than houses that are not. And speed generally equates to a higher sales price. We will discuss with you ways to get your home looking its best to maximize its selling potential.


The third factor affecting a successful sale is access to the home. Most buyers are unwilling to purchase a home sight-unseen. Additionally showing the house by appointment-only may create problems for buyers with busy schedules. We can help you decide the best options to make your home accessible and welcoming to potential buyers.



There are many different ways to market a home for sale and different agents have different strategies. Not all strategies though yield the same results! We will focus on those strategies that will line you up for a successful sale. In this business, that means networking with other agents personally and through the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) as well as marketing to the general public through web search engines, virtual tours and flyers. Professional photos are an absolute must.


There are many terms in addition to price to be considered during negotiations. The contract closing date, amount of earnest money, length of option period, in addition to financing terms. The buyer’s initial offer will address each one of these and include their ideal scenario. We will advise you on how best to respond to this offer given your specific needs and desires.

As the seller, you and the buyer may go back and forth a couple of times in negotiations before all of the terms are ironed out and we will serve as your advisor and advocate throughout the process. It may be tempting to think of the buyer as an adversary, but the most successful negotiations reflect a focus on working toward common ground.


Once the negotiations are complete, the buyer will have the property examined by a professional inspector. It may be helpful to remember that this is often a stressful period for the buyer. They are making a major financial commitment and may be prone to a reflexive response when they receive an inspection indicating the house has imperfections. We will serve as your advocate in communicating with the buyer’s agent about the buyer’s concerns.




The vast majority of work to be done between contract and close falls on the buyer’s side of the transaction. We will stay in touch with the buyer’s representatives to make certain that everything is moving along smoothly.




Unless special arrangements have been made, you will need to move out of the house before closing day. We can recommend moving companies, guide you through the transfer or your utilities and help you find another capable agent in your new city if you are moving out of town.




The sale culminates with the closing. On closing day, we will meet with you to discuss the documents needed to finalize the sale of the home. We will ensure that the contract terms and the final documents align. After you and the buyer have signed all the documents, the escrow office will alert the banks involved so that they can exchange the loan money. After all funds have been transferred between banks, you will receive the proceeds from the sale of the home.

Your relationship with us does not end when you move out of your home. The best real estate agents will still be there for you when you decide to buy another home and for all the years in between. Because of the nature of their business, real estate agents are well connected with service providers involved in all aspects of home ownership and should be your primary resource in all matters involved in your home sweet home.


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